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Cambridge Consulting Network Lent Projects

Interested in getting more experience in consultancy, developing your skills and working with others on an engaging project? This term we have five exciting Flagship projects for student consultants to work on!

Apply now to become a Consultant for a Flagship Project, and join a team to generate high-calibre solutions for clients ranging from startups to industry leading companies!

Alternatively, for undergraduates just getting to know consulting, or who don’t have as much time to commit, then you might want to try out as a Consultant for CCN’s Insight Projects – a 4 week consulting programme that only takes half the time of the Flagship Projects, but promises the same intensity and rewards.

And for those who have already tried their hand at consulting, it might be time to make the next step up – in leading a group of consultants as an Engagement Manager for a Flagship or Insight Project.

Flagship Projects (8-10 weeks)

1: Website Design

The client is an e-commerce company focusing on selling designer products at an affordable price. They want to improve customer engagement and increase conversion via optimising the website navigation. The client is interested in using data to guide the website design and layout, and the corresponding internal data will be provided subject to NDA conditions. Interests in Marketing, Business, Economics and Data Science are beneficial.

2: Market Entry Strategy

The client is a startup pertaining to the Airbus Accelerator Program and developed a new type of batteries that are more efficient and easier to control, particularly adapted to drones or Electric Airplanes. The CCN team will have to come up with a market entry strategy for three different geographical areas. Having a tech and/or business background would be an advantage.

3: Website Design

The firm is a provider of small molecule drug discovery services and wishes to optimise its website in order to attract more leads and eventually new clients. The CCN team will conduct an audit of the current website and use data analytics given by the firm to understand the lack of attraction. Students will also conduct a market research and work closely with scientists to drive recommendations on new features and design for the website. Interest or experience in computer science would be particularly appreciated.

4: Investment Strategy

The client is a charity focusing on research around OCD who wants to evaluate the potential effect of several drugs on relieving patients suffering from OCD. The team will advise the charity on drugs that could have a positive effect on OCD and then will look into the investment required to conduct animal tests. A background in chemistry, biology and medicine would be appreciated.

5: Artificial Intelligence Start-up

Details to be announced soon.

Insight Projects (4 weeks)

Following our success last term, we are proud to announce that there will be more Insight Projects. Get trained on essential consulting skills such as deconstructing consulting problems, testing the market, product pitching and more. The project culminates in a final presentation to consultants from top-tier consulting firms.

We are looking for enthusiastic Consultants and Engagement Managers with a passion for critical problem-solving and consumer experience in the retail industry. Applications are opened to all undergraduate students of all subjects.

The Flagship and Insight Projects will all begin with a mandatory launch event at 2–6pm on Sun 10 Feb.

Please be aware that the projects will require a time commitment of 5–10 hours per week, though this may differ according to project.

To apply

Visit our website to submit an application. You will need to complete a short online form indicating your preferences; we will do our best to staff the projects accordingly.

Application Deadline
Mon 4th February, 10pm (applicants are advised to apply well in advance)

If you have any questions please email Clara at:

Kind regards,
CCN Committee

Please direct questions to Guy Cheng, Head of Marketing, Cambridge Consulting Network (CCN).