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Psychology & Psychiatry Studies

Autism Decision-Making

The Department of Psychiatry is looking for volunteers to participate in a decision-making study. We are trying to understand the effects of sounds on shopping choices among autistic people/people with autism or Asperger Syndrome.

We are looking for adults (18+) with a diagnosis of autism or Asperger Syndrome. To take part, you should have corrected-to-normal vision and hearing.

The study involves different tasks including answering some questions about your autism, completing some puzzles and questionnaires, and having your heart rate measured. There is also a decision-making task during which we will ask you to make shopping choices whilst listening to different sounds. This research has the potential to influence Autism Friendly Hour, an initiative involving shops altering the sounds and brightness in their stores to reduce sensory overload.

The study is based at Douglas House, in Cambridge. It will take around 4 hours. There will be breaks and refreshments. We will pay you £40 for taking part, and 2nd Class rail (or equivalent car) expenses.

If you are interested in our study, or have any questions, please contact Rachel Bellamy, Dr Isabel Clare and Dr Howard Ring on or 01223 465201.

Engineering Department: Computational Neuroscience Studies

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Please direct questions to Dr Flavia Mancini, Department of Engineering.

Brain Stimulation and Neuroimaging

We are currently looking for participants aged 18–34 to take part in our studies on visual perception and learning. If you would like to take part in either of the studies described below, or you would like more information, contact Lizzie: Please use the subject heading “ENT_GPLEARN”. All studies take place in our lab in the Craik Marshall Building (Downing Site).

1. Brain stimulation
one 90 minute session, involving computer-based tasks and a brief period (~10 minutes) of intermittent brain stimulation with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). TMS is a widely used method for non-invasive brain stimulation. You would be compensated at a rate of £8/hour.
2. EEG
up to 3 sessions of computer-based tasks. Sessions 1 & 3 last for up to 60 minutes (£8/hour). Session 2 would additionally involve a method for recording brain activity called EEG. The EEG equipment takes approximately one hour to prepare, so this session would last for ~2.5 hours. You would be compensated at a rate of £8/hour for all sessions.