In and Around Catz

Wavelength: an app for discovering events

I’m Jonathan, one of the creators of a new mobile app called Wavelength, a really useful tool designed to help people discover and get involved in events going on nearby. With the app set to launch in Cambridge early in Lent term, I’d like to tell you a bit more about it.

When studying at the university we found that whilst Cambridge has an abundance of things to do – and that’s fantastic – discovering things going on around you at short notice can be tricky. Wavelength allows people to search for events by time, location and category, giving people new chances to jump into events whenever they are free, and meet new people with similar interests.

The platform is completely free to use, and as well being able to search for events, all users are free to create events of their own - it can be anything from a lecture organised by a society they are part of, to an impromptu game of rounders on Jesus Green.

Hopefully you agree with us that this is an app which will help students at the university make the most of their time. We’re currently looking for a team of reps to help spread the word in Cambridge, and it would be brilliant if you or anybody else around Catz would like to be a part of this – there’ll be opportunities for financial rewards and stash for those who spread the word and encourage people to download the app!

At the bottom of this email is a link that you can use to download and explore an iOS beta version of the app (it’s super easy to do but you’ll also need another Apple-built app called TestFlight). If you want to create a profile and to start adding events from around college, these will all be transferred across to the version on the app which goes live on the app store in the coming weeks following a few small tweaks. You can also find links to our social media accounts where you can follow us to keep up with all the latest news about Wavelength.

Please direct questions to Jonathan Davies.